A woman typically sporting a smug smile, wearing a long wool coat.


She stands at 5 Feet, 5 Inches tall. She’s clad in a wool coat made by the ancients, with combat pants, military boots, and a chest holster on. She has a smug smile on her face usually.
Her skin is pale, her veins have a slight glow to them.


Viraja has been called many things.. “Mouthy Bitch” “Shit Disturber” “Vile Whore” but she prefers to call herself a “Professional Inciter” having the ability to cause riots, fights and crowds to gather simply by making a speech in the right place, at the right time.
The other bosses have grown to fear her, as her following is growing rapidly, given her past tenancies on how she uses her power to incite it’s turning Cinder into a boiling pot.


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